Poniżej zamieszczamy spis pozycji książkowych traktujących o amerykańskich wojskach powietrznodesantowych w trakcie II wojny światowej, które naszym zdaniem są godne uwagi i warte polecenia. Z racji, iż część z wymienionych poniżej pozycji doczekała się wydań kieszonkowych bądź wznowień nie zamieściliśmy numerów ISBN odnoszących się do wszystkich możliwych wariantów wydawniczych. Numer ASIN podawany jest wyłącznie w przypadku, gdy publikacja nie posiada numeru ISBN.

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Autor Tytuł ISBN-10 ISBN-13 ASIN
Adam G. R. Berry And Suddenly They Were Gone09931150129780993115011-
Alfred Day IV Rathbone He's In The Paratroops Now12583405509781258340551-
Arve Robert Pisani The Carentan Causeway14927941479781492794141-
Barbara Gavin Fauntleroy The General and His Daughter: The War Time Letters of General James M. Gavin to his Daughter Barbara08232268759780823226870-
Bart Hagerman Granddaddy Was Airborne!15631140629781563114069-
Ben C. Major British-Made US Army Clothing And Equipment09931150049780993115004-
Bennett M. Guthrie Three Winds of Death06824016929780682401692-
Benoit Lelandais From Heaven to Hell29129259329782912925930-
Bill Rentz Geronimo!07643067749780764306778-
Bob Bearden To D-Day And Back076034793X9780760347935-
Brian L. Davis U.S.Army Airborne Forces, Europe, 1942-4508536810669780853681069-
Bud Dudenhoeffer Jump!-9781427640918-
Cantor David S. Wisnia One Voice, Two Lives---
Charles J. Masters Glidermen of Neptune08093200889780809320080-
Christophe Deschodt, Laurent Rouger D-DAY Paratroopers: The Americans29152392909782915239294-
Clay Blair Ridgway's Paratroopers: The American Airborne in World War II15575029949781557502995-
David J. Phillips The Epic of 101st Airborne00000012879780000001283-
Denis van den Brink Carentan: The Battle June 1944---
Dick Winters, Cole C. Kingseed Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters04252137579780425213759-
Dominique Francois 82nd Airborne In Normandy07643205729780764320576-
Dominique Francois 101st Airborne In Normandy07643242419780764324246-
Dominique Francois 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment28404816429782840481645-
Dominique Francois 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment28404817239782840481720-
Don R.Pay Thunder From Heaven08983931169780898393118-
Donald J. Rich, Kevin William Brooks Glider Infantryman16034442469781603444248-
Donald J. Woodland To Serve With Honor19369350159781936935017-
Donald R. Burgett Seven Roads to Hell : A Screaming Eagle at Bastogne08914168039780891416807-
Donald R. Burgett Currahee! A Screaming Eagle at Normandy08914168119780891416814-
Donald R. Burgett The Road to Arnhem: A Screaming Eagle in Holland089141682X9780891416821-
Donald R. Burgett Beyond The Rhine : A Screaming Eagle in Germany08914169789780891416975-
Doyle. R. Yardley Home Was Never Like This09717439089780971743908-
Dwayne T. Burns Jump: Into the Valley of the Shadow19320334919781932033496-
E.M. Flanagan Jr. Corregidor: The Rock Force Assault08914165959780891416593-
E.M. Flanagan Jr. Airborne: A Combat History of American Airborne Forces08914168899780891416883-
Ed Ruggero Combat Jump00600887539780060088750-
Ed Ruggero The First Men In006073129X9780060731298-
Edson D. Raff We Jumped To Fight--B0023T9T1W
Flint Whitlock If Chaos Reigns16120000029781612000008-
Forrest Dawson Saga of the All-American08983900959780898390094-
Frank van Lunteren The Battle of the Bridges: The 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment in Operation Market Garden16120023239781612002323-
Frank Van Lunteren Blocking Kampfgruppe Peiper: The 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment in the Battle of the Bulge16120031339781612003139-
Frank Van Lunteren Spearhead of the Fifth Army: The 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment in Italy, from the Winter Line to Anzio161200427X9781612004273-
Fred Mackenzie The Men of Bastogne04415244279780441524426-
G. J. Dettore Screaming Eagle Gliders08117175699780811717564-
Gary Howard America's Finest II09549525029780954952501-
Gary Howard America's Finest185367169X9781853671692-
George A Shenkle, Adam G. R. Berry My Clear Conscience14949758239781494975821-
George Arrington Authentic Hand-To-Hand Combat From World War II14537401209781453740125-
George Koskimaki D-DAY With The Screaming Eagles16120004449781612000442-
George Koskimaki The Battered Bastards of Bastogne16120007469781612000749-
George Koskimaki Hell's Highway193203305X9781932033052-
Gerard M. Devlin Back to Corregidor: America Retakes the Rock03120764879780312076481-
Gerard M. Devlin Paratrooper!99988757739789998875777-
Guy LoFaro The Sword of St. Michael03068202349780306820236-
Guy Richards World War II Troop Type Parachutes Allies: U.S., Britain, Russia07643178149780764317811-
Guy Whidden Between the Lines and Beyond: Letters of a 101st Airborne Paratrooper15774714159781577471417-
Henry-Paul Enjames GI Collector's Guide, Vol. 223525007969782352500797-
Henry-Paul Enjames GI Collector's Guide, Vol. 1235250080X9782352500803-
Ian Gardner No Victory in Valhalla14728013349781472801333-
Ian Gardner, Ed Shames Airborne: The Combat Story of Ed Shames of Easy Company14728048569781472804853-
Ian Gardner, Ed Shames, Mario DiCarlo Deliver Us From Darkness18490871729781849087179-
Ian Gardner, Roger Day Tonight We Die As Men184908436X9781849084369-
Ivan Paul Mehosky The Story of a Soldier14196214919781419621499-
Jack Womer, Steven C. DeVito Fighting with the Filthy Thirteen16120010099781612001005-
James A. Huston Out of the Blue08983905599780898390551-
James Emory Baugh From Skies of Blue05957498289780595749829-
James J. Sheeran No Surrender04252395869780425239582-
James M. Gavin On To Berlin: Battles Of An Airborne Commander 1943-194606705251709780670525171-
James M. Phillips Devil's Bodyguard093257212X9780932572127-
James Maurice Gavin Airborne Warfare12584910449781258491048-
James Megellas All the Way to Berlin: A Paratrooper at War in Europe08914183699780891418368-
Jeff Moran American Airborne Pathfinders In World War II07643176959780764317699-
Jenny La Sala Comes A Soldier's Whisper14669768539781466976856-
Jerome Preisler First to Jump04252659789780425265970-
Jerry Autry General William C. Lee: Father of the Airborne: Just Plain Bill09341452459780934145244-
Jim Travis Broumley The Boldest Plan Is The Best09839632159780983963219-
Joel Baret I Wouldn't Want to Do It Again...19076770979781907677090-
John C. Andrews Airborne Album, Vol. 1: Parachute Test Platoon to Normandy09325720739780932572073-
John C. Andrews Airborne Album, Vol. 2: 1943-1945 – Normandy to Victory09325721389780932572134-
John C. Andrews The Airborne Album, 1943-45: From Normandy to Victory Parade09325721629780932572165-
John C. McManus September Hope: The American Side of a Bridge Too Far045123989X9780451239891-
John C. McManus The Americans At D-Day07653074489780765307446-
John Emmert The Paratroopers14961309289781496130921-
John Ospital We Wore Jump Boots and Baggy Pants09124501509780912450155-
Joseph A. Springer The Black Devil Brigade09355535099780935553505-
Joseph S. Covais Battery!14635783189781463578312-
Kirk B. Ross The Sky Men07643117279780764311727-
Larry Alexander Biggest Brother: The Life Of Major Dick Winters, The Man Who Led The Band of Brothers04512183969780451218391-
Laurence Critchell Four Stars of Hell08983905919780898390599-
Layton Black The Last First Sergeant09665240049780966524000-
Leo Barron, Don Cygan No Silent Night: The Christmas Battle For Bastogne04514148539780451414854-
Leonard Lebenson Surrounded by Heroes19320335809781932033588-
Leonard Rapport, Arthur Northwood Rendezvous With Destiny15685237269781568523729-
Lewis Milkovics The Devils Have Landed09636275039780963627506-
Lt. Lynn Compton, Marcus Brotherton Call of Duty: My Life Before, During and After the Band of Brothers04252278719780425227879-
Ltc. (Ret.) John R. Angolia,  Jake Powers, George A. Petersen Heroes In Our Midst, Volume 119329702319781932970234-
Ltc. (Ret.) John R. Angolia, Jake Powers, George A. Petersen Heroes In Our Midst, Volume 219329702669781932970265-
Ltc. (Ret.) John R. Angolia, Jake Powers, George A. Petersen Heroes In Our Midst, Volume 319329703129781932970319-
Margaret R. O'Leary, Dennis S. O'Leary Tragedy at Graignes14502832929781450283298-
Mark Bando The 101st Airborne From Holland to Hitler's Eagle's Nest: From Holland to Hitler's Eagle's Nest07603015659780760301562-
Mark Bando 101st Airborne: The Screaming Eagles at Normandy07603085519780760308554-
Mark Bando 101st Airborne: The Screaming Eagles in World War II07603298429780760329849-
Mark Bando The 101st Airborne at Normandy08793887309780879388737-
Mark Bando Vanguard of the Crusade: The 101st Airborne Division in World War II09717650069780971765009-
Mark Bando Avenging Eagles: Forbidden Tales of the 101st Airborne Division in World War 209779117059780977911707-
Mark J. Alexander, John Sparry Jump Commander19351492889781935149286-
Martin J. Brayley American Web Equipment: 1910-196718612683279781861268327-
Martin K. A. Morgan Down to Earth07643201149780764320118-
Matt Fox A Long Way From Home14751349409781475134940-
Matthew Pellett Last Stop Before Destiny: The 101st Airborne Division in England 1943/4414959042029781495904202-
Maxwell D. Taylor Swords and Plowshares03068040779780306804076-
Michel De Trez American Paratrooper Helmets23525014159782352501411-
Michel De Trez CARENTAN Linking Omaha Beach - Utah Beach29540297229782954029726-
Michel De Trez American Warriors29600176099782960017601-
Michel De Trez At The Point of No Return29600176179782960017618-
Michel De Trez First Airborne Task Force29600176259782960017625-
Michel De Trez The Way We Were - Colonel Bob Piper 29600176419782960017649-
Michel De Trez The Way We Were - Cpl. Forrest Guth296001765X9782960017656-
Michel De Trez The Way We Were - Doc McIlvoy29600176689782960017663-
Michel De Trez The Way We Were - Col. Ben Vandervoort29600176769782960017670-
Michel De Trez The Legendary Cricket of D-Day29600176849782960017687-
Michel De Trez Sainte-Mere-Eglise29600176929782960017694-
Michel De Trez, Peter Hendrikx Burning Bridges (Volume I)---
Michel De Trez, Peter Hendrikx Bridges Are Ours (Volume II)---
Michel De Trez, Peter Hendrikx D-Day Minus - 17 September 194429540297069782954029702-
Michel De Trez, Peter Hendrikx Orange is the Color of the Day29540297149782954029719-
Mike Verier 82nd Airborne Division: All American07110285679780711028562-
Patrick K. O'Donnell Beyond Valor06848738509780684873855-
Paul Woodadge Angels of Mercy: Two Screaming Eagle Medics in Angoville-au-Plain on D-Day14819341719781481934176-
Peter Elstob Bastogne The Road Block03450184439780345018441-
Peter van der Linden Escape and Evasion--B00PUDN3DI
Peter van der Linden Kampina Airborne-9789081376464-
Phil Nordyke All American, All the Way07603220159780760322017-
Phil Nordyke More Than Courage07603331309780760333136-
Phil Nordyke All American, All The Way: From Market Garden to Berlin076033823X9780760338230-
Phil Nordyke Four Stars of Valor07603390589780760339053-
Phil Nordyke The All Americans in World War II: A Photographic History of the 82nd Airborne Division at War07603391479780760339145-
Phil Nordyke An Irresistible Force098471510X9780984715107-
Phil Nordyke Put Us Down In Hell09847151349780984715138-
Philip Katcher US 101st Airborne Division 1942-4508504528649780850452860-
R. Edward O'Brien With Geronimo Across Europe18777020139781877702013-
Regis Giard Helmets Of The ETO23525006219782352500629-
Richard Killblane, Jack McNiece The Filthy Thirteen19320334679781932033465-
Robert Bowen Fighting With the Screaming Eagles18536746569781853674655-
Robert H. Adleman, Colonel George Walton The Champagne Campaign00000845069780000084507-
Robert H. Adleman, George Walton The Devil's Brigade15911400489781591140047-
Robert J. Houston D-Day To Bastogne06824956039780682495608-
Robert J. Kershaw It Never Snows In September18851193139781885119315-
Robert M. Murphy No Better Place To Die19351498819781935149880-
Robert P. Anzuoni I'm the 82nd Airborne Division!07643234749780764323478-
Robert Todd Ross Parachute Rifle Company07643351119780764335112-
Ross S. Carter Those Devils In Baggy Pants05532512529780553251258-
S. L. A. Marshall Night Drop The American Airborne Invasion of Normandy051508624X9780515086249-
S. L. A. Marshall Battle at Best05151012739780515101270-
S. L. A. Marshall Bastogne: The First Eight Days15055660539781505566055-
Sgt Don Malarkey, Bob Welch Easy Company Soldier031256323X9780312563233-
Sgt Donald L. Deam General Toothpick14936165449781493616541-
Shelby L. Stanton U.S. Army Uniforms Of World War II08117259529780811725958-
Spencer F. Wurst, Gayle Wurst Descending From The Clouds19320333199781932033311-
Stephen L. Wright The Last Drop081170310X9780811703109-
Steven J. Mrozek Prop blast: Chronicle of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment--B000H6VNMQ
T. Moffatt Burriss Strike and Hold15748825899781574882582-
Terry Poyser, Bill Brown Fighting Fox Company16120021299781612002125-
Tim Saunders Nijmegen: U.S. 82nd Airborne And Guards Armoured Division08505281519780850528152-
Tim Saunders Hell's Highway: U.S. 101st Airborne And Guards Armoured Division08505283729780850528374-
Tyler Fox Our Salvation: The 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment's Legendary Fight at Altavilla06927816769780692781678-
William B. Breuer Geronimo!03120335089780312033507-
William B. Breuer Drop Zone Sicily08914119689780891411963-
William Guarnere, Edward Heffron, Robyn Post Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends04252243689780425224366-
William P. Yarborough Bail Out Over North Africa09325720659780932572066-
William True, Deryck Tufts True The Cow Spoke French14357554059781435755406-